Prepares you for a Lucrative Career as


Cabin Crew


Air Hostess


Flying Steward


Flight Attendant







12 Months

5 Days/Week, 3 Hours/Day


12th Class

Students studying in Class 12th can also apply


18-25 yrs

DoyensFly Aviation Academy offers Career-Building Courses In:


Aviation, Hospitality & Tourism Management

With this course, build a strong career foundation in the most in-demand domains. Get trained in all aspects of aviation, hospitality and travel & tourism management. Prepare to work for top airports & airlines, hotels & resorts and travel companies.


Tourism & Hospitality Management

Learn how to be the part of Hotel industry and tourism. Learn how to handle different type of customers. Learn everything regarding hospitality and Tourism with are experts. Also do work upon your interpersonal skills, communication skills, and personality development with us.


Cabin Crew Services

Get complete practical and theoretical knowledge and training of cabin crew responsibilities. Learn about in flight services, customer care, passengers and baggage handling and about other operations of airports.


Airport Terminal Operations & Management System

In this course, you get to learn all that it takes to work with the topmost airlines and airports. Get trained in the most in-demand skills including ancillary services, airport systems, air-traffic control, passage & baggage handling, etc.


Customer Services

Get Trained and well-Skilled with our industry experts. Learn new techniques and learn fundamentals of social media and work with top most companies, airlines, and firms. Learn how to converse of different and handle the costumers of different platforms.

Why DoyensFly Academy?

DoyensFly Diploma in Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality, designed by industry experts, trains and prepares you for lucrative career as Cabin Crew, Air Hostess, Flying Steward, Flight Attendant as well as a host of job roles in the Tourism and Hospitality Sectors.

  • Job placement assistance#
  • Training by industry experts
  • Latest curriculum based on industry requirements
  • Regular workshops for students' development
  • Online classes to enable seamless learning experience


The Indian Aviation sector is growing with an unprecedented surge and is poised to become the third largest aviation market by 2020 and the largest by 2030. With the government’s thrust on connecting smaller cities by air, as well as expanding facilities in big cities, the Aviation Sector has thrown open great career opportunities for trained young professionals in this coveted field.

Course Curriculum

The Course Curriculum of DoyensFly Diploma in Aviation, Tourism and Hospitality is designed by industry experts to train students in the skills required to become a successful professional in the fast growing Aviation, Tourism and hospitality sectors. Students are taught and trained in all the aspects related to aviation hospitality. A brief overview of the course content is as follows:

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Communication Skills

In today’s competitive environment, English is undoubtedly the first requisite for a successful career, especially in the Aviation and Hospitality industries. We lay stress on improving your communication skills, by conducting various interactive sessions which give an edge to your spoken English, thus enhancing your confidence and personality.

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Basic and Functional Grammar Activities
Tenses Group Discussion
Actions Role Plays in Group & One to One
Story Telling Tele Shopping
Experience, Moment and Jokes
TV News Reading & Anchoring
WH Formula and Comparative Study News Paper Reading
Modals Channel Change Games
Duties toward Society, Sharing of Emotions Listening Skills Games
Forms of Verbs Presentation
Alphabets and Vocabulary Games Show Hosting
Preposition Stage Handling
Short Forms Public Speaking
Spelling Study Selling Skills
Mannerly Things Story Building Session
RWS Formula Pros & Cons
Exclamations Periodic Feels Exposure
Part of Speech Outdoor Presentation
Sentence Structure Audio Video Presentation
How to Read Time Extempore
One Word Substitutions One to One Conversation
Basic Reading and Speaking Management Games
Formal Informal Letter Communication Skill Games
Daily Usage Words and Sentences Interactive Group Exercises

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Course Modules

  • Module 1
    The history of the Cabin Crew position
  • Module 2
    Criteria to become Cabin Crew and why they are required
  • Module 3
    Terminology and Definitions
  • Module 4
    Using the 24 hour clock and the Phonetic Alphabet
  • Module 5
    Weather conditions that affect flying
  • Module 6
    Currency Conversion when working as Cabin Crew
  • Module 7
    Importance of teamwork and communication among Cabin Crew
  • Module 8
    Personal Presentation of Cabin Crew
  • Module 9
    Airlines New Entrant Course
  • Module 10
    An Overview of Normal Cabin Crew Duties
  • Module 11
    Pre-flight safety briefing of Cabin Crew
  • Module 12
    The layout of a commercial aircraft
  • Module 13
    Aircraft communication systems & Passenger Announcements
  • Module 14
    The Galley
  • Module 15
    Doors and emergency exits
  • Module 16
    Types of passengers
  • Module 17
    Cargo carried within the cabin area
  • Module 18
    Safety and emergency equipment
  • Module 19
    Emergency procedures
  • Module 20
  • Module 21
  • Module 22
    Aviation First Aid
  • Module 23
    Physiology of flight
  • Module 24
    Going the extra mile and top tips when working as Cabin Crew

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Other Requirements

  • Height : Female 157 cms, Male 170 cms
  • Pleasing Personality
  • Basic Knowledge of English

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